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It is important to learn how to save money at any age. If you’re an older adult with driving experience, you can save money on car insurance by researching insurance companies that offer discounts and special programs to mature drivers—defined by most insurers as anyone over the age of 50. We looked into the top car insurance companies to see which ones provide the best discounts, perks, and policy options for older drivers.

You have some great options to choose from if you want to drive less, take more road trips, or simply save money as you approach or enter retirement. Here are our top recommendations for the best car insurance companies for seniors. is your best pick for the best car insurance company for older adults because it provides comprehensive coverage and policies that are tailored to the needs of drivers in this stage of life. Its coverage is available in all states, and provides all of the standard car insurance discounts, such as savings for good driving (up to 25%) and membership in over 500 groups, such as alumni associations and professional, military, and recreational organizations. In addition, it, like many other insurers, offers a discount if you take a defensive driving course in many states.

If you’re 50 or older,’s PrimeTime program offers qualified applicants guaranteed renewal as long as you don’t allow people under the age of 25 to drive your car or have any violations.

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