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Motorcycle Insurance

Rumbling down the road in your new Harley-Davidson, you feel the wind on your face and the freedom that most people dream of; you also feel the pressure of what may happen if you lack motorcycle insurance and take a nasty spill on the interstate thanks to a drunk or inexperienced motorist.  A statistic that you may find surprising, perhaps even shocking, is the fact many motorcycle owners lack motorcycle insurance, putting themselves as an even higher risk of accidental deaths than those surrounded by doors and windows.  It takes great skill to operate a motorcycle; protect yourself and the effort it took to learn how to ride by covering yourself adequately with motorcycle insurance from a reputable company like Discount Auto Insurance.

MotorcycleInsuranceHistorically, motorcycle insurance is usually cheaper than most other conveyances; you can expect to receive competitive deductibles and the same safe driving discounts that people who own trucks and cars receive.  Your bodily injury coverage is usually outstanding as well, considering that many more risks are possible in riding a motorcycle than a conventional method of transportation.  Your overall deductibles for ramming into other motorists will usually be slightly lower considering your motorcycle is going to weigh less and cause less damage than a 3800 pound van or car.  Having motorcycle insurance should be the first piece of protection you secure, perhaps at the same time your purchase your helmet, as having the peace of mind you’ll ride safely towards the sunset protected from dings and other vehicular atrocities is just as priceless as the first moment you ride your new bike off the sales lot.

Discount Auto Insurance has an excellent quotation system in place to help you obtain a competitive quote for your motorcycle insurance needs.  The information that is asked of you is quick, the results you receive are comprehensive, and the level of customer service you’ll receive is top-notch.  Protect your motorcycle investment to the fullest today by taking a few short minutes out of your day and getting a motorcycle insurance quote that is perfectly custom fit, just like the chrome pipes that protrude from your mean two-wheeled machine.  The quote is free and the information that is contained within your motorcycle insurance quote will breakdown each item that will be included in your small monthly premium.