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We Specialize in Tow Truck Insurance at Discount Rates

 When an unexpected accident happens on the road, disabling your car and requiring a tow truck to be present to haul away, you count on that tow truck to safely drag your damaged car to the repair shop to be worked on; can you imagine if that tow truck lacked having tow truck insurance and themselves got into an accident while in transit? Believe it or not, this occurrence does happen from time to time, making your own personal nightmare turn into hell.  Tow trucks pull us out of ditches and so much more, requiring them to have full coverage tow truck insurance on their large truck as well as the vehicle they are towing.

TowTruckTow truck insurance is the policy that those who provide roadside assistance services, hauling of damaged vehicles, emergency wrecking services and even service stations need to carry on their vehicles.  Those that carry this insurance on a fleet of towing vehicles tend to save slightly more than they would with just one vehicle covered.  The policy must cover liabilities on the vehicles they operate as well as those towed, medical expense coverage should the unforeseen need for medical attention is needed if the tow truck wrecks, tow truck insurance coverage against physical damage caused to vehicles as a result of an accident while in transit, and coverage of the uninsured motorist should a collision occur with a vehicle that isn’t carrying insurance.  There is even a need to have protection while the towed vehicle is being worked on in a garage in the event a vehicle falls off a lift or is damaged in any other way while in the care of the tow company or service station.

Being prepared when starting up your towing business can be made simple if you comparison shop for tow truck insurance with a respected quote source such as Discount Auto Insurance; you’ll fully understand what options are available to you, the companies that offer the best coverage, and how much your deductible will be for each facet of the policy.  Having a tow truck business can be lucrative and safe with a full tow truck insurance policy in place to protect everyone, and every car, while performing recovery jobs and growing your business.