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Temporary Insurance

Having the proper insurance covering your vehicles is imperative in protecting the vehicle and the bodies within it while traversing the roadways; however, situations do arise when a full year or more of auto insurance is not needed as you only plan on going on vacation in a rental car or even your personal car, in which it will be returned to the car lot or your garage afterwards.  For these types of uses, there is temporary insurance, a customized policy for the short-term auto insurance needs of travelers and other light uses.  Companies such as Discount Auto Insurance can offer these temporary insurance policies to you at a fraction of a full-blown policy’s cost yet not take away from the coverage you need.

Insurance-PolicyA temporary insurance policy looks, acts and is underwritten in the same manner that a larger policy is written in.  The coverage options are still there, the discounts are available for you to enjoy, and you’ll have the same peace of mind while driving down the road that others with normal yearly policies do.  Costs are usually in the form of one balloon payment instead of smaller, incremental payments since you will only be using the policy for a set period of time, albeit a month, two weeks or overnight.

In most cases, you’ll be able to receive your quote, purchase the policy, and take off for vacation within a day’s time; if you don’t have the immediate need and are planning for a future vacation, quotes and policy information which can be found on Discount Auto Insurance are readily available for these delayed situations.

If your credit isn’t too hot and wish to have a normal ‘cash’ policy such as a temporary insurance policy, you can definitely still receive full time coverage on a pay-as-you-go basis.  You won’t be sacrificing any perks of being covered by paying in this manner, and the same great service will be given to you.  Discount Auto Insurance has more information and a free quote system that can assist you in purchasing temporary insurance for long-term purposes if you fear that insurance companies may deny you for one reason or another.  Check with them for all of your temporary insurance needs and see what great customer service is all about.