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Motor Freight Insurance

If you’ve driven down the interstate and seen a tanker or other semi with spilled goods scattered abroad on the highway, one cannot help to think what kind of losses a customer just accrued; motor freight insurance kicks in for those owners and drivers, however, and cuts the losses down to nothing.  This specific type of fleet insurance policy protects accidents such as those described above; in addition, should the cargo consist of chemicals or anything else hazardous, the insurance company will cover the cost of a hazmat team to clean up the mess.  Motor freight insurance, as one might presume, is mandatory in all moving trucks hired to carry products abroad and covers accidents to merchandise as well as the persons hauling it.

Motor_Freight_InsuranceRisk management departments in freight moving businesses feel much safer when their drivers hit the road covered with motor freight insurance as loads can amass millions, even close to billions, of dollars in product that has already been purchased by the recipient; should the load come damaged or even destroyed completely, a business relationship could be in jeopardy if the load isn’t 100% covered against such travesties.  Motor freight insurance steps in to cover loads of all types, sizes, and blankets the vehicle as well, giving peace of mind to both the recipient and the freight company’s risk management department.  This commercial insurance policy is mandatory before any contracts to haul freight are signed and money changes hands; prepare yourself as a freight hauler to seek out a comprehensive insurance policy that covers your freight movement and the vehicles that drag the freight down the road.

Trailers are known to jackknife in icy conditions or upon stopping instantaneously; loads can be turned over, spilled out and damaged, rendering the product useless to anyone.  If the chance existed the load was uninsured, expect a monstrous lawsuit to ensue and the company to perhaps fold without motor freight insurance.  Discount Auto Insurance understands the trucking industry and the necessity to have proper insurance coverage in place.  Discount offers a complete quote for your motor freight insurance needs and will assist your company in getting the best deal possible, night or day.