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Commercial Logging Truck Insurance with Affordable Rates

 If you love your home, your wooden rocking chair and the various other handyman projects performed with wood, you definitely have an appreciation for the work loggers do.  You’ll even grow to appreciate them more knowing millions of tons are hauled safely with logging truck insurance that is carried on every semi hauling the cut products to the sawmills across the U.S. and Canada.  Since this type of freight insurance is specialized for the logging industry, the rates and stipulation in carrying the policy are slightly different than conventional auto insurance policies.  While hauling large logs seems to be an easy task with little risks involved, you’d be surprised to know it’s actually one of the most dangerous freight hauls performed today.

iStock_000020398475XSmall_optLogs amass 20 to 100 feet or more in length and could weigh over a ton each, depending on the tree type; therefore, risks of tipping and injuring motorists is even higher than boxed loads.  Logging truck insurance covers the vehicle, the driver inside and any other motorists affected by accidental tipping and load losses.  Since fire or chemicals are really the only physical damage types that could affect the product itself, more importance is put on the liabilities of others when a logging truck insurance policy is written.  Even the most securely tied-down loads have been known to burst; logging truck insurance covers many different possibly damage scenarios that could occur if logs roll onto incoming traffic and smash vehicles in its path, including the tragedy of lost lives.  Discount Auto Insurance is a one-stop shop for obtaining free log insurance quotes from the several carries that offer this specialized freight insurance.

Loggers work hard to secure their tree loads onto trucks, yet the unexpected and much feared reality is that accidents do happen; being prepared when hauling these heavy loads thousands of miles around the country is mandatory for logging truck owners.  Quotes are available online at Discount Auto Insurance when your trucking company is ready to pull the first load of logs out of the forest, offering a fast turnaround of quotes while assisting you with any questions you may have about coverage options and discounts your company may qualify for when preparing to buy logging truck insurance for the first time.