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Fleet Insurance

If you deal with customers by driving to their location for repairing equipment or property, possibly even to deliver food, then you will need mandatory fleet insurance if you deploy several vehicles used for hire; this would also be true for taxi services, limousine companies, and other services that rely on a vehicle for accurate delivery of said goods or services.  Driving without this mandatory insurance is not only dangerous for your employees should they get into a wreck on the clock, but it is illegal in most states not to have the proper fleet insurance.  To get you on the road and your business thriving safely, Discount Auto Insurance presents free quotes for their customers to compare several companies side by side.

fleet2Since not every single auto insurance company in existence deals in fleet insurance, your choices may be limited to a small number of top-notch insurance underwriters.  Beginning the quote process, however, is quick and easy using Discount Auto Insurance’s quote system that dynamically matches your specific fleet insurance needs for numerous cars, vans or trucks.  From the quotes you receive, you can make sound decisions as to which company can give you the biggest bang for the least bucks, taking into account any safe driver discounts or other perks that your potential drivers have on their personal driver’s license report.  Once you have completed the quote, you can then immediately purchase your fleet insurance and begin to deliver your excellent services in your passenger or service business.  Discount Auto Insurance makes the process extremely easy and cost effective for you and your overall business budget.

You cannot afford to take risks, especially as a small business owner, by not insuring numerous vehicles with fleet insurance.  Accidents happen every minute in the United States and Canada, and your company vehicle is not exempt from such occurrences.  Lawsuits that could ensue due to uninsured motorists hitting other vehicles – especially business motorists – can be costly to you, even to the point of shutting your doors.  Don’t take a chance when the costs are relatively low: Discount Auto Insurance offers free fleet insurance quotes from multiple providers that can insure your business vehicles to the fullest and keep your investments safe around the clock.