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Credit Score and Insurance Discounts

Unbeknownst to most people who are shopping for their car insurance needs, your credit score and auto insurance go nearly together at every company that you shop for your auto insurance.  If you were having some sort of financial mishap and didn’t pay your water bill on time, the auto insurance company wants to know immediately as they’ll grow shyer towards a customer that has a history of bill delinquencies.

iStock_000006631357XSmallTo break down a little more about credit score and auto insurance configurations along with their role in your final policy, Discount Auto Insurance offers this brief yet descriptive breakdown of what you can expect when shopping around for auto insurance in terms of your overall credit score as viewed by an underwriter.

Surprising enough, the first statement that crosses the mind of an auto insurance company when matching your credit score and auto insurance needs is rather simplistic: if you weren’t responsible with your bills, then you must not be responsible on the road; this seems to be far-fetched, yet is true.

Credit score and auto insurance are both held at an equal level of  importance to the auto insurance companies as they truly believe that your past responsibility in paying your bills can dictate your performance on the road, making them either raise your rates high, or not extend insurance to you at all.  Seems to be an unfair act, yet auto insurance companies use their own system to rate you as both a credit worthy customer and an overall safe driver.  Perhaps it would behoove you to first know your own credit score and take the time to fix it accordingly before seeking auto insurance coverage.

Discount Auto Insurance understand the scope behind using a mixture of credit score and auto insurance to make sound decisions on your final policy price.  Their staff can help you better understand the reasons why you may be turned away, and can offer guidance through their many years of professional service in the auto insurance industry.  Don’t be fooled into letting your credit score and auto insurance verbiage becoming a focal point of higher rates; let the professionals at Discount Auto Insurance offer solid quotes without any negative impact or discussion about your credit score until you are ready to discuss matters on your time.