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Boat Insurance

 If you love fishing out on large lakes like millions of Americans and Canadians do every year, then you can appreciate the need for boat insurance policies to be taken out to protect yourself from unexpected catastrophes that can occur, damaging your watercraft or, even worse, your body.  Currently there are no state or federal laws that mandate the need for boat insurance; however, that doesn’t stop accidents from occurring every year on the water that result in wrecked ships, Sea-Doos, and other types of water vehicles and result in death or other physical travesties.  Although not required, doing without boat insurance is nearly close to doing without the proper lures for bass fishing.

luxury boat crossing the biscayne bay in miami

Whether you use your boat lightly or are a competitive fisherman, you need boat insurance to protect your investment whether parked or on water as you’ll be protected under both scenarios should someone ram into your boat while driving down to the marina or even while parked in your yard.  There are even discounts you may receive for taking boating classes and being a certified boat operator; your free quote available at Discount Auto Insurance will outline what liability limits you’ll have, the cost of your monthly or yearly premium, and any applicable safe boating discounts you may be entitled to.  Insuring more than one boat will also give you deeper discounts should your family have different types of watercraft to protect.  It’s better to be safe with boat insurance than sorry you lost your Bass Tracker or jet ski later on if misfortune strikes your equipment.

Boaters across North America love to catch the summertime sun either having a party on their boats, yachting, catching salmon, and doing so much more; although one cannot predict the actions of other fellow boaters from moment to moment, you can protect possible negative outcomes on the water by having boat insurance in place to protect everyone in your craft along with the craft itself. Discount Auto Insurance offers a website for those that seek free quotes on boat insurance to comfortably do so from home or office, day or night; secured by top encryption and returning competitive quotes, Discount Auto Insurance understands a boater’s need to protect their watercraft and would love to assist you in securing your boat insurance policy when your time comes to purchase it.