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In the late 1950’s, Dr. Ethel Andrus had a mission to make an organization especially for the retired folks across the nation and base it off of a membership platform; today, the once-called American Association of Retired Persons, simply called AARP now, is a large thriving non-partisan group for Americans over 50 offering them discounted benefits on a plethora of services and products, including the endorsement of automobile insurance and other personal insurance products. Improving the standard of our senior citizen’s lives are what the staff at AARP specialize in, and they take that same motto with them on the car insurance front. When you turn the ripened age of 50, expect to receive some form of formal mailing from this large private organization currently housed in the District of Columbia.

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Although AARP doesn’t directly carry lines of automobile insurance, seniors that are members of their organization can expect deep discounted rates through their own affiliates, which calculates into deep savings for seniors. AARP also has pull with companies that specialize in roadside assistance for seniors that carry auto insurance and are stranded out on the side of the road. Overall, being an AARP member has plenty of advantages to it, including deep discounts for the many lines of personal insurance they offer seniors. If you add up the savings that you can receive from AARP membership along with the regular automobile insurance discounts that you can receive, the overall costs for your auto insurance are incredible when you are an AARP member; Discount Auto Insurance has the appropriate information regarding discounts that apply to your membership in this club when going through the quote process on the website.

Just because you have become of an older age shouldn’t mean you have to suffer the consequences when applying for different automobile insurance policies; being a member of an elite group like AARP is worth the small yearly membership dues that you’ll pay. You will receive lifetime benefits when they refer you to different auto insurance companies and be able to enjoy the same great savings that your children or even grandchildren enjoy. If you would like more information about AARP membership, read more on this site or feel free to contact the staff at Discount Auto Insurance when you are receiving your free auto insurance quote from their site to learn more about AARP membership information.